Easily sync bookmarks between Firefox, Chrome, and any compatible web browser

Silent operation

Unlimited storage

Auto-remove duplicates

Encrypted, secure transmission

And many more features!

  • No ads, spyware or marketing.
  • No personal data is collected.
  • One-time login.
  • Sync bookmarks from anywhere in the world.
  • Passwords are guaranteed 100% safe.  A cryptographically secure hash is used instead.
  • Can handle multiple operations from multiple browsers at once.
  • Auto-updates every 15 minutes in the background.
  • Unlimited storage (at least until my service provider complains 🙂
  • Other helpful features like: sort by title, date, and automatically remove duplicates.
  • No third-party tools, libraries or program.  All code is pure Javascript and written by hand, resulting in fast, efficient operation.
  • Free! (for now)